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All-In-One Solution

From simple idea management to full-blown innovation management and everything in between.

Idea Management
Collect ideas and manage them. Plain simple.

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Continuous Improvement
Foster a culture of continuous improvement.

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Innovation Challenges
Run campaigns to solve your biggest innovation challenges.

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Seamlessly facilitate your hackathons online.

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Open Innovation
Look outside of your walls for the next big thing.

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Innovation Management
Full-fledged idea and portfolio management.

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Kickstart an innovation program that makes waves and drive measurable impact.

Ignite Real Engagement

Crack the code of engagement and experience the magnetic pull that keeps participants coming back as they unleash their creativity.

Capture Real Value

Capture ideas that matter to the business, and watch how our platform supports and trains your users to be better at innovating.

Drive Real Impact

Get an effortless insight into the value of your innovation program and review, prioritize and implement ideas at unprecedented speed.

How It Works


Run focused challenges and drive meaningful engagement.

Yambla Idea Management Engage feature

  • Launch beautiful-looking campaigns that engage your audience.
  • Set deadlines or let things flow freely, whichever you prefer.
  • Assign campaign-owners and automate the campaign's decision process.

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Capture & Collaborate

Enable participants to share ideas easily, and build upon the ideas of others.

Yambla Idea Management Capture & Collaborate feature

  • Build your own custom idea forms.
  • Interact with the ideas of others through Likes and Comments.
  • Empower your participants through AI assistance and crowd-driven iteration.

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Powerful evaluation tools to facilitate fair and efficient judging processes.

Yambla Idea Management Review feature

  • Build your own custom review forms.
  • Facilitate private, collective and public voting.
  • Vote through ratings, virtual investments, and many others.

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Recognize people for their contributions through a multitude of gratification systems.

Yambla Idea Management Recognize feature

  • React to ideas through Likes and Comments.
  • Automated leaderboards to drive healthy competition.
  • Automated feedback and communications systems.

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End-to-end management of challenges, ideas, funnels and communities.

Yambla Idea Management Manage feature

  • Manage the entire innovation funnel.
  • Orchestrate multiple campaigns simultaneously.
  • Seamlessly manage your communities and target groups.

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Get an instant insight into the impact of your innovation programs.

Yambla Idea Management Measure feature

  • Measure engagement across target groups and segments.
  • Measure value creation across campaigns and topics.
  • Identify roadblocks in the innovation process.

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Experience Real End-To-End Idea & Innovation Management.

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Distinctly Us

Experience an exceptional product with even more exceptional customer service.

Simply User-Friendly

Seamless fun, easy use – that's our product's promise to you. Because driving engagement is at the heart of what we do.

Mightily Powerful

From powerful AI pitch assistants to automated communications systems and in-depth analytics – there's no shortage of power.

Unmatched Customer Service

Brace yourself for a customer service experience that's unmatched – we don't do ordinary here!

Consumer Experience, Enterprise Power

A platform your users will love, with all the power the enterprise needs.


Enterprise-Grade Security & GDPR Compliance.


Your very own innovation process, automated.


Connect your favorite enterprise apps without hassle.

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Integrates With Your Favorite Enterprise Apps

Connect your favorite enterprise apps for increased engagement, productivity and security.

  • MS Teams Integration
  • Jira Integration
  • Microsoft Integration
  • Power-Bi Integration
  • SSO Integration
  • REST API Integration

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Customers about us

Yambla enables us to collaborate on great ideas across different countries. The platform is incredibly easy to use and the mobile app is excellent.

Bal Bansal, Coca-Cola Enterprises profile picture

Bal Bansal, Coca-Cola Enterprises

We’ve seen that innovation is all about process and deploying an innovation platform people love. Yambla brings the kind of user experience we were looking for.

Steve Goossens, Accenture profile picture

Steve Goossens, Accenture

Involving everyone in innovation and boosting idea generation demanded an easy-to-use platform that adapts to our innovation process. Yambla does just that.

Hilde Tyssen, Wolters Kluwer profile picture

Hilde Tyssen, Wolters Kluwer

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Powering Collaborative Innovation worldwide.

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