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€5.000 / year

  • 500 Users
  • Basic Features
  • Basic Support

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€12.500 / year

  • 1500 Users
  • Basic Features
  • Pro Features
  • Pro Support

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€20.000 / year

  • 5000 Users
  • Basic Features
  • Pro Features
  • Premium Features
  • Premium Support

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  • Unlimited Users
  • Basic Features
  • Pro Features
  • Premium Features
  • Ultimate Features
  • Ultimate Support

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There's no one-size-fits-all solution.
Whether you want to select specific features from various packages or opt for shorter engagements, we're always happy to create a customized package that suits your needs.

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Run Campaigns

Set up ideation campaigns in seconds.

Capture Ideas

Enable idea submission anytime, anywhere.

Idea Forms

Customize your own forms.

Full Media Support

Attach any media.

Duplicate Detection

Detect duplicate ideas.

Social Media Interface

Low barrier sharing interface.

Define Timelines

Structure your program with customizable timelines.

Build Teams

Gather the talent you need.

Complete Deliverables

Build a complete proposal.

Rich Tooling

Built-in deliverable completion.


Discuss with the community.

Task Assignment

Distribute the work.

Score Cards

Customize your score cards.

Community Voting

Set up idea voting.


Prioritize ideas quickly.

Distributed Reviewing

Review with a distributed team.

Funnel Management

Manage the innovation funnel.

Stage Gate

Control the decision moments.

Workflow Automation

Automate your workflow.


Identify top performers.


Identify participant skills.

Social Recognition

Social media style approval.

Instant Gratification

Community-driven approval.

Measure Engagement

Are people engaging?

Measure Business Impact

How much impact are we making?

Identify Impact Areas

How are we making an impact?


Dormant Idea Detection

Identify dormant ideas.

Momentum Detection

Detect ideas with momentum.

Team Spotlight

Applaud the idea teams.

Identify Trends

Which topics are hot?

SSO Integration

Connect SSO and offer your participants a seamless login experience.

Microsoft Integration

Connect Microsoft Online to leverage MS Teams and MS Office functionality.

Google Integration

Connect Google Workspace to leverage Google Workspace functionality.

Custom Branding

Customize the look and feel to reflect your program’s brand.


Automatic Content Translation

Bridge the language gap effortlessly and go global with ease.

Pairwise Voting

Vote pairwise.

Identify Workflow Problems

Where are things getting stuck?

Miro Integration

Connect Miro to enrich ideas with online whiteboards.

Web Integration

Embed submission widgets in your websites to collect visitor ideas.

Import Ideas

Import ideas from another solution or data file.

Sandbox Environment

Access to an additional environment for dry runs.


AI Assistance

Leverage AI for increased idea quality.

Built-In Messenger

A built-in messenger for participant communication.

Multi-Login Support

Allow multiple login methods to offer a seamless login experience across target groups.

Campaign Visibility & Scoping

Control visibility on a per-campaign basis.

Idea Visibility & Scoping

Control visibility on a per-idea basis.

Multiple Workflows

Run different workflows for different programs.

Custom Domain

Map the platform to your own domain for increased recognizability.

Custom App

List your own innovation app in the mobile app stores for a strong program identity.

Custom Firewall

Whitelist IP ranges for increased security.

Sandbox Environment Maintenance

Automatically sync the sandbox with your production environment.

Custom Terms

Custom terms and legal agreements.

Powering Collaborative Innovation worldwide.

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